Sheff Utd VS Rotherham Detail

[ENG Championship] 2019-03-09. Sheff Utd against Rotherham final score 2 : 0.

Game review

[5'] goalllllll. O'Connell J.(Sheff Utd) break through defender and shot it.

[28'] Oh, It is terrible foul. Vaulks W.(Rotherham), Red Card. Vaulks W.(Rotherham) was send-off.

[65'] Sheff Utd requirements Substitution. Madine G.(Sheff Utd) end, Basham C.(Sheff Utd) play.

[69'] Rotherham requirements Substitution. Forde A.(Rotherham) end, Taylor J.(Rotherham) play.

[70'] Rotherham requirements Substitution. Williams R.(Rotherham) end, Newell J.(Rotherham) play.

[74'] goalllllll. Duffy M.(Sheff Utd) break through defender and shot it.

[82'] Rotherham requirements Substitution. Crooks M.(Rotherham) end, Jones B.(Rotherham) play.

[84'] Sheff Utd requirements Substitution. Cranie M.(Sheff Utd) end, McGoldrick D.(Sheff Utd) play.

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