Reims VS Monaco Detail

[FRA Ligue 1] 2018-11-03. Reims against Monaco final score 1 : 0.

Game review

[24'] goalllllll. Cafaro M.(Reims) break through defender and shot it.

[46'] Monaco requirements Substitution. Pele(Monaco) end, Tielemans Y.(Monaco) play.

[46'] Monaco requirements Substitution. Falcao(Monaco) end, Sylla M.(Monaco) play.

[49'] Oh, It is terrible foul. Romao J.(Reims), Red Card. Romao J.(Reims) was send-off.

[55'] Reims requirements Substitution. Fontaine T.(Reims) end, Martin M.(Reims) play.

[58'] Pele(Monaco) charge opponet the opponent. "Yellow Card",The Referee said.

[61'] Monaco requirements Substitution. Grandsir S.(Monaco) end, Diop S.(Monaco) play.

[67'] Reims requirements Substitution. Dia B.(Reims) end, Oudin R.(Reims) play.

[71'] Pele(Monaco) foul again. double yellow Card change to red Card. He was banished.

[85'] Reims requirements Substitution. Doumbia M.(Reims) end, Cafaro M.(Reims) play.

[88'] Grandsir S.(Monaco) charge opponet the opponent. "Yellow Card",The Referee said.

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