Burnley VS Crystal Palace Detail

[ENG Premier League] 2017-09-10. Burnley against Crystal Palace final score 1 : 0.

Game review

[3'] goalllllll. Wood Ch.(Burnley) break through defender and shot it.

[34'] Brady R.(Burnley) charge opponet the opponent. "Yellow Card",The Referee said.

[36'] Burnley requirements Substitution. Pope N.(Burnley) end, Heaton T.(Burnley) play.

[64'] Burnley requirements Substitution. Barnes A.(Burnley) end, Vokes S.(Burnley) play.

[65'] Crystal Palace requirements Substitution. Lumeka L.(Crystal Palace) end, Lee Chung-Yong(Crystal Palace) play.

[75'] Benteke C.(Crystal Palace) charge opponet the opponent. "Yellow Card",The Referee said.

[81'] Crystal Palace requirements Substitution. Riedewald J.(Crystal Palace) end, McArthur J.(Crystal Palace) play.

[82'] Burnley requirements Substitution. Westwood A.(Burnley) end, Defour S.(Burnley) play.

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