Metz VS Toulouse Detail

[FRA Ligue 1] 2017-05-14. Metz against Toulouse final score 1 : 1.

Game review

[9'] goalllllll. Braithwaite M.(Toulouse) pass the ball to Jean C.(Toulouse). It is good pass.Braithwaite M.(Toulouse) break through defender and shot it.

[66'] goalllllll. Sarr I.(Metz) pass the ball to Doukoure C.(Metz). It is good pass.Sarr I.(Metz) break through defender and shot it.

[68'] Toulouse requirements Substitution. Sylla I.(Toulouse) end, Bodiger Y.(Toulouse) play.

[68'] Metz requirements Substitution. Milan G.(Metz) end, Bisevac M.(Metz) play.

[74'] Toulouse requirements Substitution. Trejo O.(Toulouse) end, Toivonen O.(Toulouse) play.

[74'] Metz requirements Substitution. Vion T.(Metz) end, Nguette O.(Metz) play.

[80'] Toulouse requirements Substitution. Lukebakio D.(Toulouse) end, Jean C.(Toulouse) play.

[82'] Metz requirements Substitution. Mollet F.(Metz) end, Jouffre Y.(Metz) play.

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