Crotone VS Fiorentina Detail

[ITA Serie A] 2017-03-19. Crotone against Fiorentina final score 0 : 1.

Game review

[41'] Cordaz A.(Crotone) charge opponet the opponent. "Yellow Card",The Referee said.

[52'] Crotone requirements Substitution. Trotta M.(Crotone) end, Tonev A.(Crotone) play.

[59'] Crotone requirements Substitution. Dussenne N.(Crotone) end, Ceccherini F.(Crotone) play.

[61'] Rodriguez G.(Fiorentina) charge opponet the opponent. "Yellow Card",The Referee said.

[67'] Fiorentina requirements Substitution. Saponara R.(Fiorentina) end, Chiesa F.(Fiorentina) play.

[71'] Fiorentina requirements Substitution. Babacar K.(Fiorentina) end, Ilicic J.(Fiorentina) play.

[71'] Fiorentina requirements Substitution. Olivera M.(Fiorentina) end, Badelj M.(Fiorentina) play.

[82'] Crotone requirements Substitution. Capezzi L.(Crotone) end, Barberis A.(Crotone) play.

[90'] goalllllll. Kalinic N.(Fiorentina) pass the ball to Saponara R.(Fiorentina). It is good pass.Kalinic N.(Fiorentina) break through defender and shot it.

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